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Our Shop

In the decade before Galveston Fishing Company opened, Owner and Guide Captain Eric Trout had been noticing more and more anglers coming to fly fish and sight-cast in the Galveston Bay complex. As the number of anglers and guides increased, it became evident to him that a shop was needed to serve the growing community.  After a few years of brain storming, worrying, and trying to talk himself out of the idea, Captain Eric approached Captain Stacy Lynn (a veteran of the fly fishing retail industry with several decades of experience) about the concept of opening a fly shop.  After several hours of frank conversation about the reality of a fly shop business - and initially trying to talk Captain Eric out of opening a shop - Captain Stacy did an in-depth visit to Galveston Island and saw what he saw: an island with a vibrant angling community that needed a hub for gear, knowledge, and overall support of the sport.  It was at this point the two guides embarked on their journey to turn Galveston Fishing Company from an idea into a reality.

Galveston Fishing Company before constructionWith Captain Stacy’s reputation and connections in the industry acquiring product from top brands was an easy hurdle to overcome.  Finding the property to open the shop was a different story.  Starting in the summer of 2021 the search for a home for Galveston Fishing Company proved difficult.  Between a lack of suitable properties, and leases falling flat, it started to seem like the shop might never get opened.  It was not until December, when Captain Trout saw a for sale sign in 2509 Market Street, that things started to come together.
After some negotiations with the original owner over a few cold beers, Captain Eric purchased the 100+ year old, two story building at 2509 Market Street in February 2022.  MGA Architects and Precision Remodeling came onboard, and plans were made to turn the address into a home for Galveston Fishing Company.  From tearing out the entire concrete floor, to tearing out most of the ceiling, little by little the building and space came together – new floor, fresh paint on the exterior and on the interior beadboard walls, store-wide lighting, and butcherblock-topped lapstrake-sided counters.
Building under constructionBuilding being paintedGalveston Fishing Co. floor being demolished

Finishing touches were added: custom rod racks, fly bar, rod tube display, and counter finishing work from custom builder and fly shop veteran Larry Sunderland; the Redfish mural and the image burned into our front counter from local artist Kristin Church; and unique photo images of our favorite saltwater species from photographer Mac Elliot. Bright and inviting, with spacious 15 foot ceilings, the shop is a coastal showcase for great products and a meeting place for anglers, friends, and family. 

Galveston Fishing Co.

Galveston Fishing Company is a shop born from guides.  Our mission is to be a home for anglers new and seasoned… a place for anglers to come talk shop… to share and gain knowledge… a place where anglers can buy quality gear from a knowledgeable staff who can help with rigging, offer advice and instruction, and who can assist with all other angling related needs.  

We hope whether you live on the island, or travel here, that you stop in and visit with us.

 Thanks, and I hope to see you in the shop or on the water!

 Captain Eric Trout